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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Much Happier Camper!

I'm taking a little time to write tonight. I've finally almost caught up on emails that accumulated while I was in Louisiana for a week. My new grandson is precious, of course, and I loved the opportunity to hold him and talk to him and just smell his sweet baby smell. Cassidy and Sydney are beautiful, smart little girls, and I had so much fun being around little kids again. Man, they wore me out.

The reason we spent a week in Louisiana, instead of the three days we had planned, was because two days after we left, one of the big settlement checks came. Tracy came and got it and overnighted it, but it didn't arrive overnight, so that tacked on two extra days. The day it came, I went with Charlie to her bank and cashed it, and Dale put a deposit on a trailer near Travis'. He is really and truly leaving! Going far, far away. It will be nice, though, to have him LA, because when I go visit, I'll have a place to stay instead of a motel. Tracy & Steven, Zada & Greg are planning to go in July, so I'm planning on taking the girls and going, too. The whole family together for a while will be so nice. I imagine we'll go for Christmas, too, but maybe not.

Anyway, my house is full of packing boxes, among other things, which I'll get to in a minute.

The girls are good. Emily is going to college! She went with a friend and applied at North GA Tech, and was accepted. She'll be getting plenty of grant money, and Dale will be paying for her dorm. That is, if she gets a room in one. We still don't know about that yet, but I hope she does. It is amazing to me that she has done this by herself. Proof that no kid is ever hopeless. She seems to be maturing before my eyes. She'll be taking computer courses, and already knows so much. She's even teaching herself HTML.

Abby has gone back to regular high school after having dropped out and then going to night school. There's a story behind that for another day.

I am fixing up my apartment. I've been looking for a decent desk, and finally found one I liked at Office Max. On the way to buy it a few days ago, I decided to stop in at Trash & Treasures in Cleveland, and found an antique desk I love. It was cheaper than the one at Office Max, and of course much more sturdily made. It's really beautiful. When we got it home, Dale was looking for a maker's mark or something on it, and found confirmation of what I suspected before I bought it. The lady at the store said it had just come in, so apparently no one had yet had time to look it over well. It looked like mahogany to me, but that didn't jive with the price. It could have been mistaken for cherry, and I wasn't sure, and didn't ask. But it IS mahogany. Now I just have to get a glass top for it, to protect the wood.

I also bought a large carpet remnant that fit my living room almost perfectly. It was about two feet too long, so now I have some extra to make a few small rugs for high-traffic areas. It's a sort of cream color. Very nice. It's amazing what a difference it makes in this room. I got pretty new curtains, too, very cheap at Ross. It's really going to be nice. Next we'll work on Abby's room.

The other thing I got, with the first settlement check, is a 'new' car. It's a RED '98 Monte Carlo, in terrific shape and I absolutely love it. A very good deal price-wise, too. Finally, I have my own car again.

I'm going to try and keep up better with my blog. I don't know where the hell my time goes anymore, but I do know I'll have more control over it once Dale is gone.

Things are good right now. I intend to make them stay that way as much as I possibly can. After all I've been through, I deserve it. Abby, too.


PS: Hi, Mikey


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