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Friday, July 16, 2004

Abby's 15th birthday

Abby's 15th birthday today. It was better than expected, for her and for me. Tracy and Steven came, and Dale went to the grocery store with them while I went to Gainesville for my app't with Dr. Connell. I got a ride with Logisticare, the Medicaid-paid service. The driver was a wonderfully irreverent African-American lady, and oh, boy, when we got on to the subjects of politics and then men in general, we had a great time. We agreed on everything. I gave her the URL to the PCG website, and she promised to take a look.

Tracy got Abby some really nice jeans, which she sorely needed, and she really liked all of her other gifts, especially her new hamster, whose name is, officially, "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream." Just call him Cookie for short. He bit the crap out of my thumb, but he's the cutest hamster I've ever seen, white with brown patches all over, and very furry. Abby got tons of phone calls from people wishing her a happy birthday. She wouldn't read the sentiment I wrote on her card out loud, nor the one from Zada, so I don't know what Zada wrote. But she was very pleased with her day, and I'm so very glad. Last year was just so awful; she needed this to make up for it.

The day started out badly. Three guesses why, and the first two don't count. Dale and Emily had a spat, and he hit her. Slapped her hard enough on her face to leave a handprint. She cried so hard. Of course I told Dr. C., and I suppose he will report it.

Supposedly someone is coming from DFACS tomorrow to continue the investigation into Dale's abuse. Dale talked to me about it today, and expects me to go along with whatever lies he tells. I don't know if I can do it. I will be SO glad to talk to Jo again and find out what is up with my case -- where I stand with the attorney, the time-frame, etc.

Dale gave Tracy the check he got, and she will come up Tuesday to take him car-shopping. I think what I will do when the time comes for him to be served with the divorce papers and restraining order is make sure I'm gone somewhere with the car. He'll be house-sitting for Tracy and Steven in October; maybe he can be served there? Oh, man, October seems way too far off. I need to talk to someone!!



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