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Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I got a book from the library today. It's called Forbidden Memories. I saw it on the rack, and I knew it was on my 'to read' list, so I picked it up. Much to my surprise, when I began
to read tonight, I saw that the book was signed, and the author is a woman in Sautee. I must have friends who know her. I haven't even started to read; I got involved with something else -- my own story. I stated it a few years ago, got to a place I couldn't get past, and put it down. Anyway, it's not a pretty story. Neither is Forbidden Memories, apparently.

I think I'm about to get sucked back into something I thought I had managed to put away. Things have been gathering around me, though, to let me know that it won't be like that. Put away does not mean gone. And now, this book. I'm going to have to share mine, I guess, just to get the initial reaction. You'll love me or hate me. Maybe it's time to find out.



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